Countdown To A Wedding!

Elizabeth + Robert  |  Engaged

Photographed By Roy

St Jude Catholic Church  |  Westin Colonnade  Wedding

Countdown 3 day; 5 hours and 55minutes! I see so many wonderful couples wedding sites and I see the countdown to the wedding day down to the minute ~ I have even seen an app for the I Phone ~ It’s an exciting week for Elizabeth and Robert as their wedding day is almost here!

We recently spent an afternoon on the pedestrian friendly Lincoln Road getting to know each other and of course creating some amazing portraits. The image above was taken on the ever so quaint Espanola Way ~ an amazing gem of a street with some lovely restaurants and an ambiance that will remind many of a charming plaza in Spain!

Some day these two will be sharing with their grandchildren these wonderful photos and they’ll ask what that black thing is in the red box ~ Think about the last time you used a pay phone or even noticed one ~ what’s the charge now for a local call?

We are happy beyond words for these two and that joy will translate in our photographs that we’ll be taking at their wedding this weekend! Looking forward to the many moments that we know doubt will be capturing!

Enjoy their delightful engagement slide show below ~ just click the play arrow!

Congratulations to you both!

Ooops! I think we are down to 3Days, 5 Hours and 30 Minutes! and counting~


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