An Engaging Engagement!

Natalie + Jose  |  Engaged

Photographed By Roy

Coral Gables Congregational Church Comber Hall Wedding

I am thrilled to share with you some of my favorite images from Natalie and Jose’s engagement session.  These two will be “tying the knot” in one of my favorite churches ~ Coral Gables Congregational! Aside from being a super charming church with an amazing ministry, my son Ryan married his Jennifer there just a little over a year ago! So there’s a little deja vu going on when I step into this sanctuary.

Their engagement session took place in what I call the Gables Roundabout ~ The City Of Coral Gables have some amazing areas that are ideal for beautiful engagement portraits! So together we get in my car and drive around till we find an ideal location and better yet is the wonderful conversation and getting to know each other as we cruise!

I think these two like to kiss! Well, their first kiss as husband and wife is Saturday and it’s exciting to have the honor of catching such moments.

As we approached this door, Natalie shared with me that she loves old doors with lots of character ~ so do I! This door is always locked and someday I’m going to get in and see what’s inside!

Now I know what’s inside Jose’s heart ~ a love for Natalie that will reach greater heights as each day passes ~ I’m really looking forward to his expression as he gets that “first look”~ Stay tuned in a Blog Post to come with that image!

Can you feel their energy?! This is going to be an amazing wedding!! And after their wedding there’s going to be an amazing party at Comber Hall! Click to see more incredible  Comber Hall wedding receptions Now if you haven’t considered Comber Hall as a wedding reception venue ~ it’s nothing short of amazing! Check out their website ~ Comber Hall ~ Sylvia’s Weddings of Distinction

Now to see more of Natalie + Jose’s engagement session click the play button below and enjoy!

I do so love each and every wedding experience that we are a part of! Now make me a part of yours!


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