“You Never Know When ~ You Meet The One!”

Diana + Nicholas  |  Engaged

Written By Roy  |  Photographed By Stella

Quito, Ecuador Wedding

Life is truly filled with many surprises! And when it comes to meeting the “ONE” ~ we all at one time or another wonder when that moment arrives. I have had the delight in listening to many a beginning of a love story and it’s amazing how many unique and different ways that couples meet! From internet dating sites to being hooked up by friends or family to that moment you walk into a room and your eyes meet and there’s something about those eyes that just met yours ~

So it was for Diana and Nicholas ~ their eyes met at Blue Martini and their love story was created!

Recently my partner, Stella had the experience of creating some amazing portraits of these two during this very special time in their lives and she is very excited to be photographing their wedding this coming spring in Quito, Ecuador!

So many of you that follow our Blog are engaged or about to be engaged ~ as this time of year seems to be a wonderful time to pop the question ~ “Will You Marry Me?” Have you thought about an engagement session? One, it’ll give you an opportunity to get to know your photographer and vice~versa. Two, you’re going to get a great set of images that are great for your wedding website, wedding guest-books, announcements and gifts for the parents who would no doubt love a great picture of you two without your fiances arm in the corner holding the camera as you take a self portrait!

Enjoy viewing this engaging engagement slide show below by clicking the play button ~

So with the very good possibility that you’re about to become engaged ~ what then? Enjoy the moment ~ savor the engagement experience and just enjoy being engaged ~ the planning of a wedding will follow naturally. And when you’re ready to start planning your wedding ~ give us a call! We’d love to hear about what you have planned and how we can capture every wonderful moment of this amazing experience ~ your wedding day!

Engage in LIFE!

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