Kim + Alejandro, Spanish Monastery Wedding + The Palms Hotel Wedding Reception

I love weddings! The joy I get being there for each of my couples and capturing all those wonderful moments is beyond words…so I’ll let my photos speak.

Kim and Alejandro were married at the beautiful Spanish Monastery. This place is centuries old and has so much beauty and character…it’s a great venue for a wedding and gorgeous photographs.
Speaking of beautiful couples…here’s Kim (above) and Alejandro (below)
Mom and Dad escorting Kim to her fiance…I love the way the parents are smiling and Kim has a look of anticipation of seeing Alejandro for the first time. Ahh! South Florida…it truly is a tropical paradise here…we are blessed with beautiful weather…great tropical foliage…and beautiful moments.
The couple live in Chicago and getting to the beach for some fun casual formals was a requirement! Celebrating with your closest friends and family are what it’s all about… When it all comes together…the perfect breeze and a new family born.

Ana Paz is the queen of Cakes and desserts here in South Florida! She puts all her passion and love into each cake she creates!

Petunias did an incredible job with florals and decor at the Palms Hotel in Miami Beach!
When I heard that Dad and Kim had taken dance lessons together just made this moment even more special. Knowing that they had a special time together preparing for their first dance.
I love it when guys get all choked up as in Alejandro’s brother during the toast.
This party was nonstop fun!
We all want to be “rockstars”.
The way Alejandro’s Dad is playing this guitar…I have a feeling he can play the real thing…look at that handwork!
Truly a King with His Queen…Thanks for the invite…we had a great time!

Eileen Rivera of Simply Weddings did a fantastic job putting this event together. Thank you!

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