Masifa + Ian | Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale Hotel Wedding

This is a marriage based on love and faith…as rain threatened earlier in the day…Masifa and Ian had faith in God and that the sun would shine on their beach wedding ceremony.
I love the “first look” as viewed below…there’s Ian walking to Masifa.
The passion and exuberance that these two have for each other is contagious.
This is Ian’s look as… Masifa’s Daddy gives his daughter’s hand in marriage…love the way Dad looks at Masifa with much love and tenderness…here come the tears…Blue skies and sunshine blessed these two as vows were spoken and…
rings exchanged…
A release of white doves…
Finally they are one and it shows with joy in their faces! What a great idea…the wedding program in a bottle! The beautiful Ritz Carlton¬†in Ft. Lauderdale was the setting for this wonderful wedding. The lobby is exquisitely decorated… Flowers and details created by the super talented Raffi of Petal Productions.I absolutely love all these great moments that present themselves at weddings and of course photographing them!
A wonderful “hora” so symbolic of the support of family and friends as they are lifted into the air together. Can a guy get any luckier than this?
Masifa and Ian thanks you the experience of your love.

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  • marco polo

    Look at my surprise at what i found . Bored at work i decided to type in the names of old friends just to see what popped up and low and behold my good old friend masifa. Wuz up girl you look more beutiful than ever and more happy than ever. congrats………lil haiti 4 life

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