Ali + Jeff | First Methodist Church Coral Gables Wedding + The Colonnade Hotel Coral Gables

Ali and Jeff had the most amazing South Florida Wedding at the First Methodist Church in Coral Gables and a fantastic reception at The Colonnade Hotel in downtown Coral Gables.

A moment in silhouette…how I love working with available light.As if she were sitting for a portrait. A wonderful moment with best friends! Waiting for the limo and on to… First Methodist Church of Coral Gables A long aisle…anticipation.
A little detail… It’s nice that the Dad’s truly get along… and a moment Dad has been dreaming of ever since Ali was born. The beautiful ballroom at the Colonnade Hotel in Coral Gables. Abuela having the time of her life…love celebrations.So Jeff…are you offering her your jacket…or the envelopes in your jacket?

Congratulations on a great wedding day and choosing us to be your photographers!

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