…and his phone smelled like Scrubbing Bubbles!

Lauren + Luis  |  Engaged

Photographed By Roy

Epiphany Catholic Church   Four Seasons Miami Wedding

It started with a phone call that led to a blind date ~ Luis calls and Lauren answers ~

“Lou – well-known lover of the arts – has tickets to a concert the next Monday, and his date (his beautiful cousin, Nathalie) has recently bowed-out.  Would Lauren be interested in going along?  Without skipping a beat, an enthusiastic Lauren says, “yes.””

“Two days later, the pair are to rendezvous after work at the single most romantic place in the Magic City: the Douglas Road MetroRail Station.  Lou arrives in his black sports car; Lauren in her silver train.  Lou is better looking than Lauren had hoped.  Lauren is as beautiful as her Facebook pictures, but, to Lou’s disappointment, is not wearing a bikini in real life.  They lock eyes, say hello, and ride off into the sunset…”

“To a concert where, to this day, Lauren does not remember the acts.  What she does remember is that: 1- she was so nervous on the way to the concert that Lou told her to “stop shaking”; 2- the concert was on a college campus, so there was no alcohol with which to drown the butterflies in her stomach; 3- she couldn’t hear anything Lou said, nor could she identify a single song she heard; and, 4- she dropped Lou’s phone in the toilet and didn’t tell him*.

*Lauren would tell Lou sometime in 2008 that she had “dropped it in the sink.”  She then SOMEHOW disassembled it and blow-dried it back to functionality.  To this day, Lou believes that she threw it in a toilet, and enlisted someone else to help her dry it.*”

“Lou, on the other hand, recalls every detail of that first night together – from the music, to Lauren’s nerves, to driving her home and asking if he could call on her again.  There was something about this girl… and his phone smelled like Scrubbing Bubbles.”

Four and a half years later and Lauren & Lou have been together ever since.  They have only been to one other concert because Lauren won’t remember the music anyway, and they have gone through many, many cell phones. But they still love each other, and are so looking forward to this weekend to share with family and friends the wedding of their lives at the beautiful Epiphany Catholic Church and a joyous celebration at the fabulous Four Seasons Miami!

We can’t wait either!

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