“She finally talked to the “cute elevator guy”!

Melina + Paul  |  Engaged

Photography By Roy

Miami Wedding Engagement Portrait

They met in an elevator ~ Melina and Paul would exchange glances and a smile. Months would pass when they each eyed each other during a local happy hour ~ as she was getting the nerve up to approach him ~ Paul beat her to the punch and made his move! Now these two are quite shy and this was a major moment…that was cut short by a co worker of Paul’s spilling a drink  on Melina at which point she made her departure ~

But not before he got her phone number! But after the experience in the bar, Paul was sure that Melina was not in the mood to hear from him again ~ until they met three weeks later ~ in the elevator! Based on her sweet demeanor and realizing that she wasn’t upset ~ no sooner did she get into her office that she received a text message! The rest is history!

It’s stories like this that endears me to each and every couple that I get to experience on their wedding day! Call me corny, sappy ~ I have been known to shed a tear or two at many a wedding. I love weddings and knowing the importance of this awesome day for not only the couple but their parents, family and friends inspires me to create an amazing story!

So this weekend as many of you are planning your own wedding, I’ll be at St Patrick’s Catholic Church on Miami Beach for a beautiful wedding and then it’s Jungle Island for one amazing party. Think of us as your photographers as we would love the opportunity to get to know you and capture your moments of love!

Now below is a uplifting slide show ~ just click the play button! Enjoy!


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