Featured on “Little Lady Critic” Blog!

“My husband said I needed an outlet for my complaining. Simply put, I’m just another opinionated lady trying to distinguish the good, the bad and the ugly….” ~ Molly.

Love it! We have been featured in a Blog that goes by the name “Little Lady Critic” with a tag line that states ~

“Simply put….I’m not complaining, I’m explaining.”

What’s amazing is the author of this Blog ~ Molly ~ You may recall her fantastic Ocean Reef Club wedding this past July that we featured in our Blog!

So when I found this Blog I was thrilled to see the title “the best wedding photographer ever” just above a photo of Molly + Peter! Thank you Molly for the wonderful commentary ~ Loved your wedding experience!!!!

So ladies keep an eye on the Little Lady Critic Blog ~ there’s some wonderful posts about fashion, nail polish and a yummy recipe that I’ll be trying this weekend!



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