A New Beginning ~ A Journey Of The Heart

Stacie + Daniel  |  Married

Written By Roy  |  Photographed By Roy

Ritz Carlton South Beach Wedding

Life quite often is referred to as a journey. A trip that will take you through peaks and valleys ~ sunny days and a few stormy ones. Fellow travelers ~ our parents, grandparents, siblings and friends share in the many wonderful destinations ~ first steps, first words, many moments that fill the scrapbook of our lives.  Then one day your humming along and you meet someone who hijacks your heart.

From the day Stacie said yes to a date with Daniel ~ to this day when they both said “I Do” is part of their life’s journey. Together they’ll travel together in this wonderful adventure we call life. They’ll no doubt have many shared experiences that will fill their hearts with so much joy that they’ll feel their hearts bursting with love.

They’ll also be together to when it’s not so easy but together they’ll be ~ a couple.

I can happily state I have been witness to over a 1000 new beginnings and with that countless hugs, laughs, tears of joy and incredible moments. Moments that with my intuitive eyes are captured and it gives me a great sense of pride and joy to have been if only for a day or two, a part of every couple’s journey!

A Few Details: Wedding Venue: Ritz Carlton South Beach; Officiant: Michael Calderin~St Jude Counseling Ministries

Enjoy their wedding day slide show below:

Now take me with you on a journey ~ I’d love to be there!


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  • Luis E Torres

    Hey Roy,
    Loving how you tell the story, both with your words and amazing images.
    great work!

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