Miami Portrait Photography: When Adela Met Isauro

There are no chance meetings in life…Adela and Isauro crossed paths many summers ago. They became friends first and as destiny would play out years later; lovers. But this relationship in a spiritual sense goes back many years before they met. Their parents grew up together in the same town in Mexico.


I truly believe that encounters in life are meant to be, that they have a purpose and only much later you see why. Enjoy the show, spread the love and leave a comment!

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  • Adela

    Roy, the pictures are absolutely beautiful. I can’t stop looking at them! I was so excited to see them especially since Isauro is in the west coast. It brought such great memories of that evening and having you as the photographer was really enjoyable. Thank you so much!!!!

  • Roy

    Adela, It was my pleasure and I am thrilled that you can’t stop viewing these! My best to Isauro!

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