An Elegant and Classy Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale Wedding with Meliza and Craig

Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale Wedding

Meliza + Craig  |  Married at St Coleman Catholic Church

Meliza and Craig’s Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale wedding fulfilled their dreams of an elegant,
classy event combined with a fun filled celebration. Take a look at their photos and you’ll agree!

I introduced you to Meliza + Craig earlier this year with their sexy Fisher Island engagement session. Today, I want to share their St Coleman Catholic Church ceremony and their Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale wedding celebration! The moment we met I think we all knew that I was going to be the photographer for their wedding. Their trust in me to capture and create a memorable story was well rewarded with an amazing coverage!

I love to capture those moments of joy and wonder at the beginning of love and life.

And the little details, the love of God in their marriage, and the hands that now are cherishing a little one in their care.

Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale Wedding

Images like these will reinforce their love and commitment to each other as the years go by and they look back on an amazing day.

Details can inform the moments that you will both share throughout the day. These are the moments that I, as your photographer, must capture and we cannot always remember the millions of life experiences that we’ll have.  Your images will bring that those cherished moments back to you.

I love this photo, the energy, and the excitement as this guy is literally jumping off the floor!

And the ladies are having a great time! You know that a moment like this one will bring laughter to these girls each and every time they look at this photo.

It takes a team of great professionals to make the dreams of a wedded couple reality. Here are Meliza and Craig’s team: Ceremony Venue ~  St Coleman Catholic Church, Reception ~ Ritz Carlton Ft Lauderdale, Wedding Coordinator ~ Cheryl Clisby EventsMake Up By Marz, Video ~ Utopia Video, Music ~ Liquid DJ’s (Shannon Powell), Florals ~ Rocio’s Flower Shop, Cake ~ Divine Delicacies, and Transportation ~ Exclusive Limos.

I’m ready to rock another wedding today and I’m looking forward to yours!

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