The Emotion of Weddings ~ Erin and Corey are married!

Erin + Corey  |  married

Photographed By Roy and Laura

St Theresa Church Little Flower Wedding and Comber Hall Celebration



As a Miami wedding photographer of over 25 years, weddings continue to fascinate me! The myriad of emotions that take place at weddings are enough to fill a book as each member in the family, wedding party and even the guests have had moments where the Bride and Groom touched their lives. So it’s no surprise to me that at Erin and Corey’s St Theresa Church of the Little Flower wedding it was roller coaster of emotions ~ now when I say emotions you are probably thinking of joy, happiness and love ~ when I speak of emotions not only do I think of these but I am also inspired by the emotion of passion between a man and a woman, pride for a daughter/son taking this amazing step in their lives, sadness for those present in the hearts and minds of loved ones but no longer with us in person. By empathizing with all those present, I think I do a pretty amazing job capturing the personality of each wedding that we photographed!

Miami Wedding Photography

Just love this moment as Erin prepares for her wedding as her flower girl takes in the moment ~ could this be that instant that sets the stage for her own wedding someday!

Coral Gables Miami Wedding Photography

In my many years of photographing weddings, I cannot recall ever doing this shot of the entire wedding party jumping in unison ~ nor was it on my mind until Erin asked in the moment ~ I have always wanted a shot of ….. Erin, your wish is my command!

Miami Wedding First Dance

Such a great occasion deserves a wonderful photographic coverage as it is my belief that there is never a dull moment at any wedding!

I think the importance of the team in making sure that the wedded couples dreams are realized is paramount! First of all we have the exemplary Juan Del Sol who coordinates all the weddings at St Theresa’s. Sylvia Viyella of Sylvia’s Weddings of Distinction who coordinates everything at Comber Hall ~ food and decor! Nancy Rand of Touch Cosmetics  and Hilda Blacher of Hilda Makeup doing an amazing job with make-up and hair! DJ UBI who took this party to another level as you see in the video slide show! Yummy cake by Cake Design By Edda.

So you’re planning your wedding ~ who do you want to capture your moments? I look forward to hearing from you!

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