About To Be WED! Kathia + Rubens Are Getting Married!

Kathia + Rubens  |  Engaged

Photographed By Roy

The Cathedral Of Saint Mary Wedding Westin Colonnade Reception

So excited to feature Kathia and Rubens engagement session on our Blog today! This weekend is a dream come true for this amazing couple as they are to be married at the beautiful Cathedral of Saint Mary in Miami.

For me having the opportunity to connect with Kathia and Rubens and engage in conversation about their love for each other allows me to become emotionally invested in their wedding. With this connection, emotionally I become drawn in to their love story and get carried away with feelings of joy in capturing their wedding day.

The happiness that I experience being a wedding photographer is immeasurable! To be there on your most important day of your lives together ~ to witness countless moments ~ moments that are obvious and those that a gifted artist with a sensitive, intuitive eye will only notice and then to see your faces light up when upon seeing your photos for the first time and memories that become happily overwhelming ~ it’s like a drug for me!

So this weekend, those of you that are planning their weddings and looking for that perfect photographer ~ make sure that you connect with them emotionally ~ that they want to get to know who you are and what your dreams for a perfect wedding are. If you here looking at these and other images on our Blog you may notice that our style of timeless images and moments that are captured may be just what you are looking for ~ give us a call and we look forward to connecting with you and contributing to an outstanding wedding experience!

Enjoy Kathia and Rubens engaging engagement session slide show below by clicking on the play arrow below!


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  • Marie D Toussaint

    Wonderful couple wishes long live may God bless.

  • Marie D Toussaint

    Congratulation guy

  • MsMildreds Childcare

    I don’t know you guys personally but, I am all about love. Congratulations and may God bless your union! Many, many years of a happy, blessed marriage.

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