What To Do With The Ring Box?

Maria + Miguel  |  Engaged

Written and Photographed by Roy

St Patrick Catholic Church | Miami Beach Wedding  |  Four Seasons Miami Reception

I’m beginning to see a pattern with these engaging proposal stories. The guys take this really seriously and so things happen. With Maria and Miguel it was their third dating anniversary and for Miguel the day to propose had arrived! New Years Day 2009. As they arrived at the Biltmore Hotel for lunch, Maria found it odd that Miguel was having some trouble getting out of the car~so much so that he hit his head. Maria thought, “That’s odd, but I guess everyone has their days.”

What she didn’t realize was that Miguel had a ring box that he was trying to conceal! After a wonderful lunch, they had a delightful walk around this stunning hotel. When they neared the fountain by the golf course, Miguel wanted to take pictures of Maria and then have Maria take a few pics of him. I think it’s here that he’s thinking, “How do I segue into the proposal moment?”

Well he distracts her by stating that he thinks he sees a turtle in the fountain, “When I turn to tell him that those were lights I find him on one knee and I start not believing what is happening and he laughed and told me “Mari, will you marry me?” and while I am a very composed person most of the time, I lost it!” She stated over and over again, “Are you serious? No way! Oh my God!” Then the tears starting pouring from Maria’s eyes and Miguel asks her again, “Will you marry me?”

Well, we all know the answer to this one because tomorrow Maria and Miguel are having a wedding!

You’re invited to take a look at their amazing slide show. Just click the play button below~Enjoy!

Maria and Miguel will be getting married at the beautiful St Patrick Catholic Church in Miami Beach followed by their reception at the Four Seasons Miami. Click to view more weddings that we have photographed at St Patrick and at the Four Seasons.

I just had a thought, if you’re a guy planning on asking your best girl the “question” think about having this moment photographed. It would be amazing to capture her expression in that moment of surprise and sheer joy! I’d love to be there for you!

Have a great weekend! I know I will~


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  • Maria & Miguel Valle

    Roy, these pictures are beautiful! We are sooo happy with all you and your team! Thanks for the “OMG! Are you serious? No Way!! We will see you when we get back from the honeymoon! =)

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