When I fell in love with him…

Casey + Michael | Engaged

Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden | Epiphany Catholic Church

I love a great love story. To listen to my couples tell the story about how they met and became engaged gives me the warm fuzzies. I’ll bet Casey and Michael’s story will leave you with a warm feeling too.

When did you fall in love? Was it a slow gradual awakening? Or was it a moment when it just hits you? “That second date was when I fell in love with him. We talked about everything in the world and ended up staying at the restaurant for 6 hours and closing the place down!”

“One perfect winter night we stopped in at Stella, a restaurant in Boston’s South End, for a few drinks.  It was quite beautiful, being one of only a few people in the restaurant and watching the snow fall outside. On the way home Mike thought it might be a good idea to cut through Blackstone Square Park.”

“With every step the snow came down harder.  As we approached the fountain in the center of the park, Mike mentioned that he thought he had found something I would like for Christmas. As he pulled out the ring, I became very excited and quickly said yes!”

I am so glad that Casey said yes and I know you’re going to love their photos. Enjoy their slide show. Just click the play button.

Ceremony to be held at Epiphany Catholic Church

Wedding reception to take place at Fairchild Tropical Garden

Enjoy life!

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