He asked me– why I loved him?

Ashlee + Alexis | Engaged

Coral Gables Congregational Church | Comber Hall

You ever live a moment and later reflect back on that time and see the signs that should have told you what was coming? When Alexis asked Ashlee–why she loved him–was just that time. Only Ashlee didn’t see this sign. A sweet response and a glance away to reflect on the light as the day came to an end–Ashlee turned back “to the man that would change her life forever”.

On one knee, Alexis asked if “I would spend the rest of my life with him.” Caught completely off guard, Ashlee was in absolute shock. She actually thought this day would never come and I wonder how many of you have thought the very same way?

“I stood there, wanting to shout “YES!” but all I could say is “What is going on?”. Through the crying and shaking, I nodded my head and smiled — and with that, he put the engagement ring on my finger.”

Ashlee and Alexis will be getting married very soon at the beautiful Coral Gables Congregational Church with reception to follow at Comber Hall. I am so excited to have met this amazing couple and I am really looking forward to photographing their South Florida wedding!

Enjoy their beautiful engagement session slide show featuring beautiful Crandon Botanical garden and beach.(Click the play button below)

Ceremony to be held at Coral Gables Congregational Church

Wedding reception to take place at Comber Hall

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Have a great weekend and watch out there’s an Easter Bunny running around…careful with the chocolates!

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  • Ashlee


    We are so grateful for these beautiful pictures. Thank you for being such a great photographer & artist. You truly captured the best of us in these photos. I can not wait to see our wedding through your eyes!


  • GloriaPelo

    Congratulations Roy the pictures are amazing and the couple look beautiful. I want this image for my website!!Please

  • Roy

    Ashlee–Thank you and as beautiful as these photographs are…they are only a reflection of the love you both have for each other! I am looking forward to to seeing you as a Bride and that moment that Alexis sees you for the first time…it’s going to be a wonderful moment!

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