“I asked her to marry me on a bridge” | Jennifer + Greg are engaged.

Hello and thanks for visiting! Today I want to share with you an engaging story as told by Greg, the guy that asked Jennifer to marry him. I love hearing these stories and it is intriguing how very personal and the amount of thoughtful, romantic planning goes into this very special moment.

“That bridge is special to us because… she told me that every Saturday during the summer brides getting married in the area would come to that bridge for pictures.”

“…I took her out for a dance lesson. She always said that she wanted to take dance lessons…”

How many times have you been on a date and the rain catches you, you take her hand and find a lonely doorway or you happen to have an umbrella that just draws you that much closer.. So when Greg shared with me that the weekend that he met Jennifer it rained and the day that he asked her to marry him it rained…so the planned walk around the city turned into a early dinner in hopes that the rain would subside. “After we finished dinner and I had gone to the bathroom twice to look at the ring!!!”… the rain stopped long enough for their walk to that bridge and as planned Greg took a knee and ask Jennifer to marry him and after a positive response and a hug that you want to last forever…it starts to rain again…who cares! They just got engaged and with that feeling anything can happen and it’s wonderful!

Upon entering their suite at the hotel, a hundred roses were awaiting Jennifer and the cork popped, the champagne was poured and a toast for love everlasting sealed the deal. “I was just so happy to begin my life with Jennifer that all I could think about was the moment”
Enjoy an amazing slide show of this beautiful beginning!

“The engagement shoot was a wonderful time for Jennifer and me and we loved every minute of it. Pictures are very important for me and Jennifer as we aren’t together every day, and when I look at the pictures from the engagement shoot I think about that day and how happy we are and it makes me smile.  Knowing that that photo shoot was kind of the “unofficial” start to our wedding celebration is something very special… it is an honor having you photograph such a special occasion for the two of us”
…and the day they had their engagement session…it rained…and then the sun came out and somewhere I am sure there was a rainbow. Well, we are so looking forward to an amazing wedding and partly cloudy skies with no chance of rain!
Come again!
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  • Heather

    Congratulations, Jennifer and Greg! You are a gorgeous couple! We are looking forward to sharing your special day with you and we wish you love and passion in your life together!
    Heather, Tom and the girls

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