A Glimpse of Cuba

As Juanes serenades La Habana…this Habanera may be dancing in the street in front of an outdoor cafe…wearing what appears to be a bedspread with gladiolas and a palm leaf placed in her cleavage.

Cuba Photography

Many visitors to Cuba quite often comment that the “Cubans” are so warm and friendly…that they are always laughing…a salsa step just ‘un ritmo’ away. The Cuban spirit is warm, loving and beaten. Most tourists may not realize that they are looked upon as a way to learn a little of life outside of Cuba, enjoy a meal, be given a few dollars, a book already read gifted.

This woman was making a fool of herself…appeared to have been drinking and was being encouraged by the the tourists with clapping and laughter and a few dollars. Why can’t they see the struggle behind the smile …the difficulties facing her everyday…???

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  • James Trainor

    Beautiful photo. But Roy perhaps her life is to play along and make folks happy, and that includes tourists, as a way to make a living. I traveled to Italy, Spain and plenty of other places. Even in NYC you will see “street artist” displaying their talents or “acting fools” so tourist would eventually give them money and a meal ticket. The Mardi Gras in NEw Orleans is a great example of locals acting like fools and pleasing those tourists.

    Do we know their struggles and how terrible is for them to wake up with a smile? OR we only see that when we travel to places like Cuba, The Dominican Republic or even Haiti?

  • maja hoffner

    This is a very interesting remark I totally agree. As it goes for tourists it is easier to close your eyes to the problems in the country, maybe out of ignorance. Guess we would have to raise a social awareness. But also loving afro cuban dance and the music I think that this is a way of coping with the harshness of reality. The dance makes you forget your problems if even for a moment.

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