Miami Portrait Photography: Meet Marcos!

I love babies! They are sweet, innocent and I get to photograph this little guy! Meet Marcos…we had the pleasure of photographing Mom and Dad’s wedding a couple of years ago and we recently did a beach portrait session with “los Abuelitos , los Tios y primos”. But I knew I wanted more time with Marcos…I know that these are the portraits that his “abuela’ will show to her friends…that “mama” will show to his girlfriends…it may even make a graduation or wedding slideshow years from now. Someday his own children will get a glimpse of their “daddy” when he was ohh so big!


Enjoy Marcos and the beginning of his “life story”. Don’t be shy…leave a comment for this little man…

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  • Marcos

    ROY….I knew you and I bonded from the first time we met!! Thanks to you they gave me some juice and water at the beach!! LOL….Thank you for your talent, your patience, and your kindness….Thank you for capturing the first of many wonderful moments, first with Mommy and Daddy and now with me ;oP

    Love always, Marcos…

  • Roy

    Marcos…thank you. You’ve got a great Mami y Papi…a super familia. I am looking forward to seeing you grow! Abrazos RL

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