Miami Wedding Photography: Christina & Edmundo; a St Hugh Catholic Church Wedding

“We were friends first until he found out that I was moving out of town to attend school.”


Love always has a beginning… Eddie married Christina at the beautiful

St Hugh Catholic Church in Coconut Grove. When I walked into the church, Father Robert Vallee was tickling the ivories (playing piano). I have had the privilege of witnessing Father Vallee marry the couple and then serenade them with his guitar. He’s amazing and very talented!


Following the ceremony, we proceeded to Christabelle’s Quarter. What an incredible place for a reception! You really feel like you’re in New Orleans. Actually I think they partied like they were at Mardi Gras!


Special thanks to: Floral Design—Landy’s Flowers by Gerardo. Music– Luis Serrano and His Orchestra & DJ Euri


By the way, I love it when someone takes the time to tell me that they love what we do for them. This is from Christina: “I love the

pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They definitely say a story and you captured the happiness that I felt that day!!!!!!”


Enjoy the slideshow and wish Christina and Eddie well with a lovely comment.



  • Luis Serrano

    Wonderful wedding, great people!

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