Shelly & John; A Chicago Peninsula Hotel Wedding

Shelly and John were married in Chicago in an absolutely spectacular wedding at the Peninsula Hotel. The joys of photographing a wedding in Chicago, an exciting city, the fantastic weather in September and there’s something special about being invited to photograph another wedding for this family. Three years ago we had the delightful pleasure of photographing Kelly and Kevin’s wonderful Fisher Island wedding in Miami Beach. Now it’s Shelly and John’s turn!

Shelly was absolutely stunning in an Elizabeth Fillmore designed wedding gown, the moment John laid eyes on his beautiful bride the moment was electric as was the entire wedding. Wedding décor and floral inspiration created by the fabulous Pavel Jurichek of Kehoe Design. Special thanks to Jennifer Clarke of the Peninsula Hotel, Jennifer and her team were seamless in their execution and attention to detail. Last but not least, Teresa Blumberg brought in from Miami to coordinate every wish and desire of Shelly and John. Together they all helped to create a fantastic wedding experience that none of us will soon forget.


We received this wonderful note from Shelly: “OMG John and I just looked through all the photos we can’t even believe how unbelievable they are, just perfect and so much more!  I want to really thank Roy in the proper way, so much more praise is coming he is a genius…. Roy has exceeded our expectations greatly, and for him that is not easy!!”

Thank you for a great Chicago wedding and enjoy the show! Please leave a comment, we’d love to hear from all of you that visit.

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  • Shelly and John

    Roy you have done it again!! Brought tears of joy as we just re-lived the best night of our lives, and you captured all the love, fun, and spirit so perfectly! THANK YOU, we can’t wait for our album, until then we can re-watch the fabulous slide-show over and over!

  • Charlie Clarke

    Hi guys,
    Came across this website by accident. My daughter is also called Jennifer Clarke, same name as the girl who managed the wedding in the Peninsula Hotel. Wow, what a fabulous couple! and the photography was excellent. Hope my daughter gets a wedding like that!

    Charlie Clarke,
    Cork, Ireland

  • Tatiana

    I would like to start by saying what a beautiful wedding. So different from how pictures used to be taken, these pictures campure the moment and that’s what is all about. BEAUTIFUL!!

  • Louise and Dave

    We love being swept away again and again! Roy, you captured the glamour of this dazzling wedding and the happiness of this special couple shines throughout the pictures. Thank you for going above and beyond to give us these lasting memories of our son and new daughter-in-law.

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