Nicola & Dan’s Westin Grand Bahama Island Wedding

Three days at Nikki and Dan’s wedding on Grand Bahama Island went by too fast. Destination weddings are a blast; a combination of work and play. But I have to say that I loved this Bahamian wedding experience so much…was I really working? We started off with an engagement session that was more an adventure with friends. Man eating ants, broken down cars, and of course Nikki taking the side closest to the ocean protecting Dan from sea monsters. At a beautiful seaside rehearsal, family and friends from all over the world came together as if they had never spent a day apart.


The wedding took place with Nikki and Dan facing each other with the Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop on the grounds of the Grand Lucaya Bahama Resort. Following a great celebration, yummy food and those cupcakes; the party got hot and clothes began to peel off. Now you’d think that was it…not a chance with these guys. The next day we had a day after session, getting dressed again and running the island having a wonderful time!  A special note that Nikki’s uncle, Stephen Riley played the music for the ceremony and the music for the slideshow, Stephen thanks for playing a mean saxophone! Enjoy the show.

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  • Nikki & Dan

    Thank you so much Roy! The pictures are amazing and the slideshow came together so well. We had such a great time and really enjoyed sharing our wedding weekend with you.

  • Anne - Nik's Mom

    The slide show is truly wonderful. Stephen was brilliant.
    You did a great job Roy.
    Thanks for helping to make it so special.

  • Lisa Byrne

    Beautiful! Put a tear in my eye, aye indeed!

  • Jo

    I loved it, totally loved it; especially the happy face of Dan, blisfully unaware of what’s to come; he hasn’t met all the possessive aunts, (and possessed!!), n me, I, who think I own half of Scotland, does he think for one minute that any gorgeous niece of ours is going to be a Fraser, sorry Dan, ’tis tudder way round we do it, and you will do it OUR way, OK.. the forms to change your name to Byrne are in the post.. Nik darling, see to it that he’s Byrned alive!!! XXX

  • Dan Fraser

    Thanks for the well wishes Roy and thanks for the trip down memory lane. Loved every moment.

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