Janet + Ted: Miami Beach Wedding Magic at The Hotel of South Beach

I knew the moment I chatted with Janet on the phone that this was going to be a sweet wedding. I met Janet, Ted and Lindsey (Ted’s daughter) at the Sagamore Hotel in Miami Beach as they prepared for the wedding together. I could sense by their demeanor that this was a special couple…loving…relaxed and sure of …enough of my thoughts. I quote Janet from an email after the wedding but before they saw their photos: “We are SO excited to see the pictures!  As with all brides and grooms I’m sure, we missed a lot of what was going on because we were inside our small charmed circle all day, and much of what happened is sort of a blur.  We’re still not entirely sure it all really happened, but we do have rings on our fingers so it must have. :o)  And I have to say that the first week-and-a-half of married life has been lovely.  We’re having so much fun calling each other “husband” and “wife”.  It makes us laugh, but we’re really loving it.  And each other.”  You can tell that these two love and respect each other wonderfully. Enjoy the show…leave a comment!

Well Janet and Ted have their photos, I quote Janet once more: We are so happy with the work you did, and have gotten so many compliments on the photos!  I’m so happy I found you on the web. :o)

The wedding took place at the very cool The Hotel in Miami Beach on the rooftop.  



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