Fayth + Vinnie: A Key West Wedding Experience!

Fayth and Vinnie’s Key West Wedding can’t be described in words. We had a blast photographing this loving couple all over Key West that culminated in a Beachside wedding at sunset. They say that a photograph is worth a thousand words…so I’ll let the slideshow tell the story of this fantastic Key West wedding.


Special thanks to Carina Primus-Gomez of the Beachside Resort. When I arrived I knew I was in paradise. This resort sets a new standard of luxury in Key West.

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  • Fayth & Vinnie

    Roy, Wow. Thank you for your absolutely stunning documentation of the most memorable day of lives! We will always have these beautiful images to show our children and our children’s children…and words cannot express to you our appreciation. The only problem now is picking out the pics for the album!!!

  • denise & john amabisca

    You caught such special moments and when I see each picture I remember the feelings of pride and fun the day entailed. Thank you for capturing the momentS.

  • Kellen and Karen

    We are Vinnie’s cousin from Brazil and we want to thank you for the beautiful pictures that made us feel all the love in this wedding. We are very happy for Vinnie that it’s a brother for us, and Fayth is more than welcome to our family!
    Thank you very much Roy!
    ps: sorry about the bad english…

  • Alex

    Awesome pictures. I had a blast and I look forward to future gatherings. Hope all is well.

  • tajsha

    roy, i did not get to go to this wedding so the pictures became extremely important to me so that i could share in their special day from afar. they are just amazing photos. i knew my friend fayth was beautiful in person, but you captured her in a way i’ve never gotten to see of her in a photo before. timeless beauty with much elegance. thanks for allowing me to be a part of it all.

  • Roy

    All of you that have commented…thank you. I am thrilled that through the images you have been able to experience and relive this glorious occasion. We had a blast!

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