Christina + Nick; A Breakers Palm Beach Wedding

Christina + Nick…Destination: Palm Beach…Paradise…marriage blessed by “rain” or as a Catholic priest with an amazing Irish accent said once to a Bride as it rained on her wedding day: “Deary…it’s good luck that it rains on your wedding day…the angels are crying tears of joy for you both”. A Breakers Hotel Palm Beach wedding is a breathtaking experience…transported to another time…this hotel is romantic, classy and an experience that their guest will not forget!
Did I say “paradise” …it’s tough down here…all these coconut palms and tropical ambiance…Stunning in her Palazzo wedding gown… While I was photographing Christina…I grabbed this look of Nick… Like the Irish priest said…”angels crying……”A beautifully designed cake and delicious I might add…created by the wonderful team at The Breakers! Incredible floral design by Cameron and the team at the Breakers Design Studio There are few entertainers that I actually look forward to seeing at a wedding than the one and only Greg Denard/GDO Entertainment…his group of performers are second to none…FUN!!! Special thanks to Elizabeth and Sebastiano Riva for their recommendation…I had the pleasure of photographing their wedding at Vizcaya 7 years ago! These two…have a special bond…Christina and Dad during their first dance. A quiet moment… Congratulations! and Thank you for the experience!

Roy ~ Contact me.
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  • Laura Hanson

    Roy!!!! The photos are so lovely…thank you very much to you and your team for everything! It was great to meet you and as my parents said…we will see you again ! 😉

    From Singapore,

  • Roy Llera


    Thank you for your lovely coments!I look forward to many Hanson get togethers in the future…passport is ready!

  • Caroline

    Hi Roy! The pictures are beautiful. Thank you to you and your team for everything. You made the day extra special! I hope that you are enjoying some nice weather in Florida, and that you are doing well. I also hope to see you again at the next big Hanson family event! 🙂

    Warmest Regards from Chicago,

    Caroline Hanson

  • Roy Llera

    Hi Caroline!The wedding was beautiful…as are all four of the Hanson girls…Dad is truly blessed! I’m in Chicago early June and then in September for a wedding…maybe we’ll see you all then.

    Warm in Miami,


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