Julie+Patrick= Beachy Head, Barbados Wedding

What a wonderful time we had photographing Julie and Patrick’s Barbados wedding!

And what a beautiful island for this destination wedding…famous for Mount Gay Rum and the site of another recent wedding…that of Tiger Woods. Julie and Patrick were married on the cliffs of Beachy Head…overlooking the Atlantic Ocean…a constant breeze caressing the couple, families and friends. Their program shared “Bits of Our Love”, ‘Quotations from our letters and emails’:

“Here’s to opening our eyes, diverting distractions, and not being afraid to let ‘something, which may be nothing’ grow into ‘something worth waiting on’. Glad we took the chance and can’t wait to see you! -Patrick 4.13.06
“It is amazing to me that we are on the same page in so many areas, yet we are different enough to keep this thing interesting and passionate. We are luck dogs I tell ya. -Julie 4.27.06

Truly a magical experience! Thank you for the invite…
Roy ~ Contact me.
  • Ines Hegedus-Garcia

    Roy – you did it! I’m just writing a blog post about you now – this is great!

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