Who Does a Bride That is a Wedding Professional Choose for Her Own Wedding?

Biltmore Hotel Wedding in Coral Gables

Paola + Marko  |  Ceremony at the Coral Gables Congregational Church

A Biltmore Hotel wedding in Coral Gables along with a ceremony at the historic
Coral Gables Congregational church is an historic combination that will leave your guests speechless!

As a Bride you can see that there are so many photographers to choose from. You’ll look at many beautiful websites, read blogs, get advice from your girlfriends who have been there, and check out the internet reviews. Then you ask those wedding professionals that you are working with, planner, catering director, or florist, that have an insiders view of the best of the best. So who does a Bride choose to photograph her wedding, when she herself  is a wedding professional? I can say that in the last 8 months four of those wedding professionals chose Roy Llera Photographers!

When Paola, the Catering Manager at the Four Seasons Miami, asked that I be at her Biltmore Hotel wedding to capture their moments, I was thrilled! So started a creative process that I bring with me to every wedding; to seize every moment as they present themselves naturally but to also craft a few special images that comes from being a visual artist.

We knew that there were going to be opportunities for amazing images. And with experience I know where I need to be to capture them. I just love the movement of the veil, the Bride’s Mom by her side making sure that everything is as perfect for her baby girl as can be. The architecture of Coral Gables Congregational Church frames this image so beautifully.

Look at the joy and clarity in Marko’s eyes and the expression of wonder on the Pastors face as he listens to the vows and commitments made.

As a visual artist, I knew that I wanted to capture the grandeur of the Biltmore Hotel. It is an amazing backdrop for Paola and Marko’s wedding formals. I knew that I wanted to create some lovely, yet relaxed portraits. With a little direction and setting the mood, it looks as if I happened upon a moment!

Biltmore Hotel Wedding

Now the day before the wedding, I spent some time with the guys on the golf course. While there, I discovered an exquisite building from another time in the Biltmore’s history. I was so excited to find this jewel of a setting that I started to imagine what I would create with the new location. I knew that after the wedding that I would have about 15 minutes before we had to get to a party. We arranged for golf carts to be waiting for us and as the sun was setting, we created this stunning image!

Upon looking at this photograph, a good friend told me that the image and especially the reflections in the water reminded him of a Monet painting. In many ways the photographs created in a lifetime are the canvas upon which a life and these amazing moments are remembered.

Now here’s a great twist to this wedding story ~ Marko created their wedding cake! Isn’t that cool! Marko is the Pastry Chef at the Four Seasons Miami.

Special Thanks to: Coral Gables Congregational ChurchBiltmore Hotel Miami Coral GablesAlways FlowersUtopia Video Production,

I’d love the opportunity to capture and create incredible wedding photographs for your “forever’s”!

Roy ~ Contact me!

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