Tame Your Social Media Dragon!

      Once upon a time there was a grand dragon named Socmed, this was no ordinary dragon as this one had 6 heads each with their own unique personality. There was Instadragon, Facedrago, Pinterdragonia, Twitagon, Snapdragon (lol) and Whatsnextragon. Now many a fair maiden have a desire to control such a dragon as legend has it that those that control Socmed make their own destiny!

So does this story ring a bell with you? Is your Socmed (social media) dragon always hungry for more? More content, more photos more of everything about you and what you love doing!! Rumour has it that this dragon of yours cannot be destroyed and as social media is so interwoven into our lives it’s better to consider ways to tame the beast and harness it’s potential in your business!

After all the wedding planning (flowers, invitations, dresses, alterations, tastings, timelines, seating charts…) greeting, eating, smiling, laughing, crying and dancing ~ it’s the morning after your clients wedding. You’re exhausted and still on an emotional roller coaster! You actually brought their dream to reality! You’re glowing from the wedding experience that you poured your heart and soul into!

You reach for your phone. You’re on Facebook and what’s this! A FB album from the photographer and you’ve been tagged ~ already!!! So like my Roy Llera Photographers Facebook page to get in on this experience.

miami wedding photographer


Know that when I finish with a wedding, I am too excited to just call it a night. I get back to the studio, religiously download your clients wedding, back it up and then the magic happens. I review the wedding later that evening, tag a few of my favorite moments and create your Bride and Grooms FB album and you get tagged!

Your clients had that #ourowncoolweddinghashtag that they came up with in a dream they had 6 months ago and you want to see photos. There you find all the crazy, fun loving images taken by family and friends iPhones…then you notice a few that stand out…they’re mine. By the way, go ahead and “follow” me on my Instagram page @roy_llera_photographers. There I’ll be posting images daily that I have no doubt will pique your interest!



One more bonus, those photos that you see…you’ll be getting them via Dropbox to provide you with the tools to tame your Dragon!

So that’s just a snippet of what you get when you work with me in taking care of your clients. I accept the challenge of being in your clients moment, focused, and consumed with the joy, laughter, gazes, and tears that are expressed in their faces.

Engage me in your business. Your wedded couple needs someone as passionate and dedicated as you and I are!!

Roy ~ Contact me!