You’re Going To Want A Sneak Peek!!!

You look around your suite ~ a much loved wedding dress draped over the chair in the corner and your wedding shoes that you had to have bare witness that you danced your buns off not to mention that your feet hurt! You turn and look …your fiance is no more ~ replaced by a husband! And yes, you look ~  there’s a wedding band where before it was just  an engagement ring! Did I mention that you’re starving?!

After all the planning, your wedding day comes and goes by in a flash! Greeting, eating, smiling, laughing, crying and dancing are a memory ~ now it’s the morning after your wedding. You’re exhausted and still on an emotional roller coaster! You’re actually married! You’re glowing from THE experience! Maybe you’re wondering if all you experienced was just a dream.

You reach for your phone and ask yourself  “Is it to soon to change my Facebook status from engaged to married?”  You’re on FB and what’s this! A FB album from my photographer ~ already!!!

miami wedding photographer

When I finish with a wedding, I am too excited to just call it a night. I get back to the studio, religiously download your wedding, back it up and then the magic happens. I review the wedding, tag a few of my favorite moments and create your FB album. So like my Roy Llera Photographers Facebook page to get in on this experience.

You had that #ourowncoolweddinghashtag that you came up with in a dream you had 6 months ago and you want to see photos. There you find all the crazy, fun loving images taken with your family and friend’s iPhones…then you notice a few that stand out…there mine. By the way, go ahead and “follow” me on my Instagram page @roy_llera_photographers. There I’ll be posting images daily that I have no doubt will pique your interest!


So that’s just a snippet of what you get when you hire me as your wedding photographer. I accept the challenge of being in your moment, focused, and consumed with the joy, laughter, gazes, and tears that are expressed in you and your loved ones faces.

Engage me into your lives, your wedding needs someone as passionate and dedicated as I am to capture your love story!!

Roy ~ Contact me!