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Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa Weddings are celebrations that exceed all expectations. I am witness that Liana and Michael’s Eau Palm Beach wedding was a fairy tale come true! Now as many fairy tales go, especially the Disney ones ~ think of Belle and the Beast, Ariel and Eric, Jasmine and Aladdin ~ all got off to a rocky start. Usually it’s the ladies that at first are not interested in the gentleman character until a moment reveals his good heart. Keep reading and I’ll share with you how these two met later. Now let me share with you some amazing images from their dream wedding! palm beach wedding The moment I walked into the bridal suite I could sense that this was going to be one fun, spirited wedding! sexy bride palm beach Balloons everywhere! What fun and make for fluid moving setting for all. palm beach bride love Then the love note arrived and we get back to the reality that “Hey ~ we’re getting married today!” palm beach bride getting ready The vibe in a wedding suite can be chaos or calming and with these besties it was a truly supportive environment to calm the nerves and stay on pointe! south florida bridesmaids OHH! and the champagne helps too! You may be wondering why the straws? To keep the lipstick intact! bride getting ready All hands on Liana as becoming the Bride was a team effort. bridal portrait miami   groom palm beach getting ready The guys suite was equally calm, cool and collected. palm beach bride first look Until the moment they saw each other! The magic and excitement of a first look is such an anticipated, wonderful moment to be savored! wedding first look palm beach wedding Are those tears in those eyes of his? Truly an intimate and very emotional time! palm beach wedding love Dreams do come true! palm beach wedding at eau Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa Weddings have some wonderful locations to create poetic, dramatic imagery! eau palm beach resort & spa weddings and for you photographers out there enjoying these ~ all taken with available light. miami palm beach wedding photography My partner Giorgio has a great eye and this reflective image is to die for! miami palm beach wedding love reflection A stunning bouquet by the wonderful talented team at Xquisite Events! wedding bouquet So you can imagine what this look means, the subtlety of the best mans hand on Michael’s shoulder… wedding palm beach first look And here she is on the arm of her Dad! Truly an amazing time, so much going on and in the eyes of a skilled photographic team we are killin it on several levels. father daughter wedding Wedding photos are meant for you to feel what we witness, what you experienced…it brings so much back to your collective memories! Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa Weddings I can imagine that as you see the photo below you may be squinting trying to read her words “that I’m not the only girl in your life” Got you wondering? wedding moments miami This gaze say it all, so much. grooms gaze Yes, as you read on they had a daughter just 3 months before the wedding day! You’ll see their ideal wedding gift to each other as you scroll down…keep enjoying this fairy tale wedding! wedding vows miami Live, Love, Laugh! palm beach wedding photo These girls are feeling the moment… palm beach wedding bridesmaids   palm beach wedding ring exchange The fairy tale culminates in a passionate kiss and life will never be the same! eau palm beach wedding A favorite moment of mine at any wedding is the moment after the wedding kiss…you turn and see all those big smiles, happy eyes and pure joy! eau palm beach wedding photography Yes we do get artsy at times and have some fun…timeless. eau palm beach wedding I mentioned the mutual wedding gift and baby makes three! wedding family Now a few images of the details that made the reception an over the top fantasy world! wedding details south florida Florals and detail created by the amazing team at Xquisite Events! palm beach eau wedding   eau palm beach ballroom wedding   xquisite wedding flowers centerpieces   eau palm beach wedding ballroom   palm beach eau wedding decor   wedding cake palm beach south florida A wonderful entrance and the party begins! palm beach wedding reception Michael has a way of sweeping Liana off her feet! first dance wedding palm beach   mother son dance wedding   wedding moment palm beach father   groom with bride dance   palm beach wedding dance Imagine a rope in here somewhere! palm beach eau wedding cake You think they can read each others minds on what may happen here? wedding cake palm beach All in good fun! What a playful and engaging couple! wedding cake south florida   Now none of this amazingness would have come together without a great wedding planner! One that listens and feels what a couple desires and respects that desire and then knows just the right team to recommend to bring the dream to reality. That planner is Danielle of Creative Touch Party Design. Danielle and her team of professionals not only brought the dream to reality but on the day of they attended to each and every moment and detail to perfection!!! Bravo and Thank you! In the beginning of this post I mentioned the fairy tale beginnings! Liana has a wonderful blog ( LianaWho? Your Not So Boring Housewife ) on all things about being a mom, a Wife and it’s a wonderful journal into all the things that women may be going thru in their busy lives…it’s a great share. Now in the blog is the story : The Day That Changed My Life Forever . It’s a fairy tale beginning if I ever saw one…enjoy! Now share your fairy tale story with me with me! I know a wonderful wedding photographer! Love ~ Roy ~ Contact Me

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