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Annette and Irwin  |  Married

Ritz Carlton South Beach Wedding


An amazing Ritz Carlton South Beach wedding is today’s surprise! I am a Miami Wedding photographer and for 34 years it has been a big part of my life! Those that know me know that I love weddings. The moments that will unfold on this very special day are not just the couple’s moments, they are my experience as well.

So when Annette and Irwin chose me and my partner Cristobal, to photograph their Ritz Carlton South Beach wedding, I knew that I would love the privilege of telling their love story. I also would be honored with their trust in my talent and that of my team in creating a legacy-their first family heirloom. So let me share with you a few of the countless moments that Cristobal and I witnessed on what was an amazing day and life event!


Miami Beach Ritz Carlton wedding

Truly a spiritual moment as Annette prays…I can tell you I truly felt God’s presence in the room.

ritz carlton south beach wedding

As a Dad of three boys, I know that there are moments that go back years ago to when they were little. Teaching them how to dress, tie their shoes, a tying a necktie…details that we think little of when we are teaching but come back to a Dad’s mind years later. Here, Irwin and his dad prepare for the big day together.

South Miami Beach Wedding

When the first look comes to mind, most think of that moment when the groom sees his bride for the first time…I see it as that moment when dad sees his daughter as a bride for the first time.

wedding photographers Miami

It’s the moments like these, which are seen by only by a few, that I feel are so important.

miami wedding photographers

I love calmness in Annette’s expression! She’s about to see Irwin for the first time as a groom. In the photo below, they find each other.

First look at Ritz Carlton South BeachJewish wedding photographers Miami

Action ~ reaction! We look for it as it gives a balance to the story that we as photojournalistic wedding photographers are looking for with every life event that we experience. I can tell you that this moment of laughter is so natural for them as I saw the same smiles when I had the pleasure of sharing a day with them during their New York City engagement session.

Ritz Carlton south miami beach wedding photographers

Here’s a beautiful, traditional portrait of the happy couple incorporating the stunning venue of the Ritz Carlton South Beach.

Ring Bearer with bride Miami wedding

Wedding shoes

Guys – who hasn’t been here and done this? Nice shoes!

Tish Jewish Miami Wedding

During the Tish, Irwin contemplates the wisdom of the years as the Rabbi, friends and his dad (below) share with the experience with him.

Fatherly words of wisdom at Miami Wedding

The moment of the Bedeken, when Irwin is sure that this is his intended, places the veil over Annette.

Jewish Wedding Tradiyions as Groom greets his Bride at the Bedeken

I know Annette’s dad likes this guy!

Ritz Carlton South Beach Wedding

The custom of the bride circling the groom seven times is a part of many Jewish weddings. This custom has many explanations, including: seven days in a week and seven aliyot on Shabbat, the phrase, “when a man takes a wife”, appears in the bible seven times, and on Simchat Torah, the Torahs are carried around the synagogue seven times. Additionally, there is a mystical teaching that the bride, in circling seven times, enters seven spheres of her husband’s innermost being!

Ritz Carlton South Beach wedding

Does a bride express love so beautifully as with a lovely smile!

Miami Beach Bride about to be married

On the wedding day it threatened to storm big time—note the color of the sky in the background through the coconut palms! Not only did Annette insist on having her wedding ceremony outside, but after the ceremony we headed to the beach for some spontaneous portraits!

Miami Beach weddingWedding Portrait on Miami BeachAs I shot the image above, Cristobal had this point of view…note the storm clouds rolling in. Talk about drama!Artful Miami Wedding Photographer

One of my favorite of Jewish traditions ~ the Hora! I always feel as if it symbolizes the community of family and friends supporting the newly married couple.

Hora wedding jewish Ritz Carlton South BeachParents raised above the celebration during the Hora

Of course the wedding centers around the bride and groom, but it’s also a family reunion. We don’t lose sight of everyone who is present as they are all important! Here Annette’s father is dancing with his mom.

A father of the Bride having a moment with his Mother

And here Annette shares a tender moment with her abuela.

Miami Beach wedding photographer

“A kiss seals two souls for a moment in time.” ~ Levende Waters

Last kiss of the night!

These are some of the great vendors that put the finishing touches on Annette and Irwin’s Ritz Carlton South Beach wedding:

Ritz Carlton South Beach, Rabbi Eliot Pearlson, Jamie Lipman of The Absolute Event, Floral Decor: Petal Productions, Music: Juniors Entertainment, Make Up: Riviera DeCordova, Hair: Virginia Mendez

Now give me a call as I would love to tell your story!

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