Westin Diplomat Resort Wedding ~ Elizabeth + Michael

Elizabeth and Michael ~ Married

Westin Diplomat Resort Wedding

Elizabeth and Michael’s  Westin Diplomat Resort wedding was a non-stop expression of love, joy, and commitment! There were so many details, moments, and traditions to emotionally experience at this amazing wedding. My team and I were on fire as we photographed the day for the Bride and Groom, their beloved families, and close friends! I’m sure that you’ll feel it too as you watch the slideshow and view the photographs that follow.


Miami Jewish Wedding Blessing

This image is a page from the rabbi’s prayer book that speaks of the vows about to be taken. Look at the shape of the shadow the ring made; what an appropriate effect.

Westin Diplomat Resort Wedding

Mesmerized is the word that comes to mind when I look at Elizabeth’s eyes. She’s so confident and beautiful.

Westin Diplomat Resort Wedding

See what I mean?

Miami Wedding Details I’m always looking for an “image within an image”. As they were sharing a moment my eye went to their hands and the tender way their fingers engaged each other beautifully.

Westin Diplomat Resort WeddingThe Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa was an ideal venue for this 600+ guest wedding. Amazing light and architecture make for lovely and visually interesting settings and timeless portraits.

Miami Wedding Bride Portrait

This portrait of Elizabeth is classic, and simply stunning!

Westin Diplomat Resort Wedding

What could be more Florida than ocean and palm trees!

Miami Wedding Photography Dad getting readyI am aware that with every relationship there is a history. As I captured Elizabeth adjusting Daddy’s tie, I wondered if she ever fixed his tie as a young girl when he stepped out for the day?

Groom's Tish Miami Jewish Wedding PhotographyThe groom’s tisch is a rousing, informal reception for the groom. The fathers sit on each side of the groom. As the rabbi presides, the male guests greet the groom sharing in his good fortune, singing and celebrating all along. The rabbi concludes the official betrothal and the marriage contract, the ketubah, is signed.

Miami Jewish Bedeken Ceremony

All the men join in song as they escort and carry the Michael to place the veil over his bride!

Jewish Tradition of the Bedeken as Father prepares to bless the BrideThe exuberance as Dad arrives to bless his daughter, the expressions of Mom and the bridesmaids tell it all – this is an amazing moment for everyone!

Jewish Wedding Photography Miami Beach

I am so aware of everyone that is at a wedding; if they are there, they are important. However, I took special note of Elizabeth’s grandfather, as blessed his granddaughter, while Mom looked on.

Miami Jewish Wedding Photographers

Can’t you just hear the joy of music, their voices resounding with excitement, as they leave the chuppah married with their lives ahead of them?

Wedding Celebration Miami PhotographersWhat do I love about the experience of a Jewish wedding? Everything, the traditions, the joy and passion that goes into every moment, the prayers, the blessings, the breaking of the glass, the dancing – it’s all so intense and for me a lot of fun!

Miami Wedding Celebration

What a way to end a perfect wedding!

Cigars Miami Wedding

An amazing event takes a team of amazing professionals to bring the Bride and Groom’s vision to life!

Wedding Planning ~ Stephanie Esquenazi, Decor ~ Petal Productions

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