A Grandview Hudson River Poughkeepsie Wedding ~ Alyssa + Justin

Alyssa + Justin ~ Married

A Grandview Hudson River Valley Poughkeepsie Wedding | Photographed by Roy


Today’s post features a Grandview Hudson River Valley Poughkeepsie Wedding. As a Miami wedding photographer of over 25 years I get many requests for timeless photography. So when Alyssa called to let me know how much she loved the wedding photos from her best friend Ferris and Michael’s wedding and if  I could help her find someone in New York that would be as wonderful, I responded with “why not have me?” Well, Alyssa shared that she thought I would be out of her budget as I have a reputation for uncompromising quality.  I explained that I love photographing these life events, and that I’ve priced my services so that I can have that experience every weekend! I believe Alyssa was thrilled to hear that.

It was a wonderful fall afternoon along the Hudson River at the Grandview in Poughkeepsie, that along with family and friends, they committed to a life of love. Alyssa got ready at the Beekman Inn in Rhinebeck. I noted that  the hotel registry dated back to the 1800’s and when I read “Great show to-night ~ Positively One Night Only” I knew I had found the perfect detail for an image with Alyssa’s Valentino shoes!

A Grandview Hudson River Valley Poughkeepsie Wedding

Details are so telling in my images and I just loved the way these flower girls dresses, there texture in shadow and light play off the red bridal bouquet! Followed by an amazing image of the wedding bands crowned by Alyssa’s engagement ring.

miami wedding details

miami wedding bands and engagement ring

I often describe my style of photography as being in the “moment” that express the essence of a wedding. Can you feel the excitement , the anticipation and joy in Alyssa’s expression?

Bridesmaids at New York Wedding helping an excited bride

flowergirl at wedding getting make up

Justin is seeing Alyssa as his Bride for the first time…

First Look as Groom sees his Bride for the first time

And Alyssa as she gazes into her beloved’s eyes and promises are spoken…

New York Wedding Bride

Rings are exchanged – Justin’s is from South Africa. Check out the cool cuff links that he is sporting!

The wedding band placed on the Bride's finger

While out scouting the neighborhood in Poughkeepsie for some possible locations near the Grandview, I struck gold with this architectural gem and made sure we would have at least a few minutes to escape and create art!

Poughkeepsie New York Wedding Photography

Rhinebeck New York wedding photography

Rhinebeck New York Wedding Photographer

The Hudson River and beautiful back-lighting ignites this image of Justin and Alyssa.

Bride and Groom Hudson River New YorkThe subtle touch of the American flag and a stunning bridge frame them perfectly!

Hudson River Rhinebeck Wedding PhotographerI truly understand the beauty of  light, how it affects a mood, a moment and the textures that can be enhanced by that light. I created each photo above with nothing but natural light.

Let’s start the party off with a rousing first dance and a lovely dip!

First dance at wedding

I love the celebration inherent in a wedding watching family and friends let go and express themselves wholeheartedly. I don’t want it to end and stay until the last song and dance.

New York wedding reception fun


Dancing at wedding reception

New York wedding celebration

A moment that every Dad looks forward to is the Father ~ Daughter dance and the joy as he holds his little girl in his arms. I have a feeling that she stood on his toes when she was 2 as they danced so many years ago.

Bride with Dad at wedding

This image sums it up. They are locked into each others eyes while reveling in the moment thinking, “WE DID IT!”

Bride and Groom happily dancing at reception

Alyssa and Justin, thank you for bringing us up to New York to share in your wedding day and to capture so many amazing moments. Moments that will last a lifetime!

If you’re getting married and reading this, I know that you’ll want awesome photos too. So, how about inviting me to your wedding?!

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