Mandarin Oriental Miami Wedding Photography ~ Liz + Joe

Liz + Joe  ~  Married

Mandarin Oriental Miami Wedding


I am an admirer of your beautiful images. I discovered you last year at school when a classmate spoke of your website. Ever since then I have come back, time and time again, mainly because your images make me smile. The little flower girl with the huge brown eyes melts my heart. I love the happy old man near the bottom of page 6 too. You have a way of capturing people’s joy.”

Today I received a little note that did my heart good ~ to know that as a Miami wedding and portrait photographer for over 25 years that my images not only touch the lives of my Brides and Grooms, the parents of a newborn child and the Grandmother admiring a family portrait of her Children and Grandchildren that I have photographed but they touch other hearts and souls. So it’s with delight that today I share and hopefully inspire you with the Liz and Joe’s Mandarin Oriental Miami wedding! Enjoy!

The moment above is that look when a Groom gets a glimpse of his future wife for the first time!

Details are everywhere!

You gotta admit that these are some of the coolest cufflinks that you’ve ever seen! They are the letter keys from antique typewriters ~ with the letters,  the initials of the Groomsmen.

The beach at the Mandarin Oriental is an exceptional tropical location that is the epitome of a Florida beach wedding!

A stunning ballroom decorated by the amazing team at Always Flowers

Be inspired!

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