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Biltmore Hotel Coral Gables Wedding

Patti + Dennis | Married

A Biltmore Hotel Coral Gables wedding looks as grand as it ever looked in its heyday
with the air of romance everywhere.

Love is a funny thing and works in mysterious ways. Like in the case of Patti and Dennis—they lived their whole youth together from kindergarten to high school. They had many of the same friends and definitely crossed each other’s paths many a time as they were growing up. Time passed and they both walked down different life paths. Years later at a high school reunion, they met again and this time, love was ready for the two of them. That reunion led to a wonderful new and exciting marriage with a Biltmore Hotel Coral Gables wedding!

Biltmore Hotel Coral Gables Wedding

I was never able to meet Patti before her wedding day. In meeting her and getting to know her personality as well as Dennis’s, I could see this couple was meant to be. The Biltmore Hotel was a wonderful place to really bring out both Patti and Dennis’s sophisticated, yet fun-loving characters.

The Biltmore Hotel, with its rich history and amazing architecture, comes alive with all the celebrations that are held there. It looks as grand as it probably ever looked when it was in its heyday and the air of romance is everywhere. On this particular day, three couples were sharing the splendor of a Biltmore Hotel wedding and the mood really helped Patti and Dennis let loose. There are so many sweet and tender moments between them and capturing the moments (one of my most favorite things to photograph) was the highlight of our mini portrait session.

I mentioned that I absolutely love to capture moments as they happen and the moment of the first embrace and dancing in front of your friends and family is one of the most touching parts of the night! The organic, real moments are the things I feel most of our couples treasure the most as it is a reminder of the love and warmth that was present at the particular moment.

Patti and Dennis’s celebration was a small, intimate affair and getting to know their families was something I will always cherish. The laughs and smiles I captured really expressed to me how close the bond of this family was. The comfort they had with me as well as being able to really enjoy my presence recording their good time is very important and I make sure that all my couples as well as their families know they can trust me.

As the night wound down, the warmth and love never did! I know that they will forever treasure the photos as a reminder of the beautiful pact they’ve made to each other.

My thanks to Patti and Dennis for including me in their day and to you for stopping by and sharing in their photos!

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