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Joie + Reinier | Engaged

Photography by Roy

Miami Wedding Engagement Photography


Trust is huge in any serious relationship,  with it one can let their guard down ~ be authentic and genuine. That goes for the loving relationship we have with our parents, siblings and our “fiances”! Now imagine that trust in your wedding photographer ~ with it your images will be real. A wonderful way to build that trust is with your engagement session. Not only do you get to know each other on a deeper level in conversation but the results will confirm that you have made a great choice in your wedding photographer!


We recently had a wonderful engagement session with Joie and Reinier. During our time together I learned how they met ~ I got to observe how they “dance” together ~ those subtle nuances that allow me to capture the personality of an engaged couple. Those observations, combined with the excited reactions to their engagement images ~ create a trust in me that will translate to great photographs on their wedding day.


I know that on the wedding day I need no introduction as the families, wedding party and friends will have already experienced our photography! Joie and Reinier will be binding their lives together at the beautiful St Hugh Catholic Church in Coconut Grove followed by a celebration that will be rocking downtown Miami at the unique The Miami Tower.

miami wedding photographer

As Miami wedding photographers, we love creating images that as many of you know will bring a lifetime of reliving special moments in your lives. Photographs that will give your children, grandchildren and generations beyond a moment of reflection about who you are. What will they think? I know that if it’s an image that we have taken that they will get a glimpse of the “real ” you!

miami wedding photographer

Trust us with your wedding ~ I guarantee that we will never let you down!

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