Burlesque Makes a Comeback in Miami!

Lynna’s Bat Mitzvah

Temple Beth Shalom Bat Mitzvah | Set Nightclub Miami Beach



While I was preparing to photograph Lynna’s Bat Mizvah, I took a look at the history behind this Jewish coming of age ritual, typically held around a young woman’s 12th birthday. What I found was a long and storied history, steeped in culture and tradition. It’s an event that not only signifies a milestone into adulthood, but is also a time of celebration and family reunion. A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to photograph Lynna and her family as they gathered for this occasion at Temple Beth Shalom in Miami. Of course Lynna kept with tradition while at at the temple – however, as you’ll see as we experience her day she definitely put her own spin on the party!

Lynna looked absolutely beautiful in one of the two dresses that she would wear that day. As a matter of fact, Lynna actually designed both dresses to match the vision that she had. Just before the service, Lynna gathered at the temple with her mom, dad and younger brother, Liam. We created a short set of  photos to mark this occasion. I really enjoyed the decor in the temple – can you see the design in the stained glass of the image below?

Miami Bat Mitzvah Photography

After the service, family and friends all converged on Set Nightclub on Miami Beach. Lynna’s vision shone through in so many ways – most notably for the burlesque theme that gave the night its distinctive touch. Here, Lynna strolls the catwalk as she kicks off a party that would break records for excitement! This is the second of the two dresses Lynna designed for her special day.

Miami Bat Mitzvah Photography

What better than to have your best friends celebrate with you? Lynna, her family and friends all enjoyed the incredible music and atmosphere of the club. That combined with the decor  and food from A Joy Wallace Catering made for an incredibly enjoyable evening!

Miami Bat Mitzvah Photography

 The evening was nothing if not filled with surprises. First up a complete tropical dance show featuring talent from Mangos Tropical Cafe in South Beach took to the dance floor. Next up – not one, but a trio of Michael Jackson impersonators wow’d the crowd!

miami bat mitzvah photography

It seemed that everyone wanted to get up on stage and dance! What great energy! You probably can’t see me, but I am down there in the middle of all that fun and excitement. However, my partner Laura took the high road and captured this incredible view from above. Obviously, if you’re looking to for a venue to host your Bat Mitzvah party on Miami Beach, Set Nightclub is well worth considering.

miami bat mitzvah photography

This is a montage that shows off all the incredible decor dreamed up by Lynna, her family and A Joy Wallace Design. I had a small hand in that as well – take a look at the images that frame the entrance-way to to the club. Those are images that I created with Lynna in our studio. What fun we had – you can see for yourself right here: Lynna’s Studio Session.

roy llera miami bat mitzvah photography

Lynna, I had an incredible time with you, your family and friends. Thank you so much for including myself, Laura and our studio! Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

A Few Details:

Decor and Catering: A Joy Wallace Catering Production and Design
Entertainment: Mangos Tropical Cafe
Venue: Set Nightclub

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