Laughs, smiles and stolen moments!

 Gabriella + Sergio  |  Engaged

Photographed By Stella

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Wedding and a Four Seasons Miami Celebration



I’ve been looking forward to this wedding for weeks now! Gabriella and Sergio are getting married!! You may be thinking, “Well, who are they?” Well, they are just one of the funniest and most spontaneous couple I’ve ever met! My engagement session with them was like our “first date,” where I was able to get to know them, what makes them tick as a couple, and really enjoying their company.

We had a spectacular time during Viernes Culturales, a mini festival in Miami’s Calle Ocho that’s held every last Friday of the month. For me, the photos are reminiscent of a couple on an actual date and I loved that I was able to capture the intimacy and fun of the night! All those laughs, smiles, and stolen moments are sure to be ever present at the wedding this weekend. Congratulations Gabriella and Sergio!


So this weekend I get to experience the beautiful Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Miami and the amazing Four Seasons Miami! Love that I’ll be working alongside Eric Trelles of ET Events as well!



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