Traditions Honored ~ Marlene + Ramandeep have a beautiful Sikh Wedding

Marlene + Ramandeep  |  Married

Photographed By Stella, Cristobal and Roy

South Florida Sikh Wedding

It’s inspiring to find young people getting married honoring traditions! In the wedding ceremony of Marlene and Raman, that was so true! They’re a young, extremely fun couple who you’d never expect to be very traditional in their roots, but they are. It’s refreshing to see that they uphold their family’s heritages and desire to continue their legacies. I had an amazing time at their wedding! I learned that being Sikh is more than just a religion. Their happy way of being and openness makes any stranger feel welcome and invited. I learned it was a way of living. They had a beautiful ceremony at the Sikh Society of South Florida and their wedding reception took place at The Hilton Miami Downtown. Enjoy the show above, the images below and you’ll get a sense of what I wish to share with you!


Catering: Madras Cafe

Make-up: Tatjana Terzic

Video: Fandango Wedding Films


To life and love ~

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