…and they lived happily ever after! Adriana + Juan loving life!

Adriana + Juan  |  Married

Photographed By Roy and Stella

Lima Peru Wedding

Recently I shared with you Paola + Marko’s wedding and in that post I asked the question ” So who does a Bride that is a wedding professional choose to photograph her own wedding?” Today I am going to share with you Adriana and Juan’s Lima, Peru wedding experience ~ So photographing a wedding where both the Bride and Groom are photographers raises the level of expectations up just a notch…

Wanting to create amazing images with every wedding, I researched online for locations that personified Lima. The Convento de San Francisco is one of those exquisite offerings! I read where vendors would feed the hundreds of pigeons and in turn would sell corn meal to the visitors to feed the birds! I knew that I wanted to photograph Adriana and Juan running through a flock of pigeons in front of this beautiful church! I think I succeeded in getting that shot!

Timeless images are a standard of this studio and we successfully create images that will forever be a cherished heirloom ~ think about it ~ you want exquisite photographs that years from now will bring those feelings of love, joy and excitement that you felt in the moment!

Imagine the experience Dad had ~ walking with his daughter on his arm down the aisle and give her to the new love of her life with a twist ~ Adriana’s Dad built the church! Take a look at the slide show at the end of this Blog post to get a sense of the beautiful setting that he created for his baby!

Now this 1930 Packard Sedan Limousine was simply perfect ~ like new! Now if you think traffic in Miami is crazy…not compared to traffic in Lima! The chauffeur drove this beauty through the streets like he owned the town ~ I was in the front seat during the trip to the church and my heart passed the stress test!

Inspiration is a wonderful drug! Adriana and Juan so trusted us to create and create we did! What you don’t see is a couple of hundred visitors to Plaza Mayor that got quite a show seeing a Princess run into the arms of her Prince ~ this wedding was like a fairytale!

The party was an elixir of delight as family and friends swooned under a magical evening of music, fireworks, confetti and lots of love!

A few details~

Iglesia Sagrada Corazon De Jesus

Reception: Club Campestre Las Lagunas

Hair and Makeup: Fred Vasquez

Decor and Flowers: Gabriel Pazos Eventos

Wedding Day Coordinator: Kathy Espath

Now enjoy this amazing wedding slide show below!


And they lived happily ever after ~ looking at their wedding photos!

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