Unique Moments Touched By Love ~ Kiran + Sebastine are Married!

Kiran + Sebastine  |  Married

Photographed By Roy and Cristobal

Ritz Carlton South Beach Wedding

Weddings are the uniting of two people who met, found love in each other and decided to commit their lives together. In the same light, it’s a family union where different families are united because of the marriage and this is where the fascinating blending of customs and cultures culminate in an incredible wedding experience! Now with Kiran and Sebastine this fusion of Pakistani and Nigerian culture is to me what is so exciting about weddings ~ they’re each a unique moment in lives touched by love!

Now the night before the wedding was a mendhi celebration ~ it was amazing watching the men bring Kiran to the setting where she was united with Sebastine. It was during the initial moments that the ritual of family greeting the soon to be married couple with love, affection and food! Enjoy the slide show below!



What an amazing night and it wasn’t the wedding celebration! So the next day is a blur of moments where words are spoken, loving glances given and emotions that are off the charts wonderful! The image below is that moment for Kiran and Sebastine where they saw each other for the first time as husband and wife to be!

Kiran was stunning in a beautiful saree ~ the detail, beading and attention to the jewelry only enhanced a beautiful  Bride!

As I have stated many times before ~ weddings are made in the myriad of details that over the months leading to the wedding day are carefully decided on one at a time. Those details are carefully noted by my team and we make sure to photograph it all!

As numerous are the details, imagine the experience for a photographer to capture the moments of love, laughter and joy that present themselves at each and every wedding ~ I can tell you that over 20 years of experience gives me such an advantage. My intuition kicks in and it’s as if I can see the moment unfold moments before it actually happens and successfully these moments are captured!

Special thanks to:

Ritz Carlton South Beach

Amy Palma | South Beach Make Up Studio

Music: DJ Indobeat

Florals ~ Avant Gardens

Delight below in their wedding celebration!



Looking forward to your unique moments!

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