Love ~ Surrounded By The Energy!

Catherine + Daniel  |  Married

Photographed By Roy + Stella

Plymouth Congregational Church Wedding Comber Hall Reception

If you could take the energy that radiates from each and every wedding and transmit that into the world you would resolve the energy crisis just like that!

Inspiration comes in many forms and a wonderful source is the force of energy that we feel coming from the Bride, Groom, family and friends.

The feelings that emanate from this moment as the doors open and Catherine with her father enter Plymouth Congregational are amazing! Daniels visual as Catherine enters ~ the feelings that took place just before the doors opened for both of them as well as family and friends ~ I can speak from the experience of both Groom and Dad that it is intense! As photographers with so many years of experience ~ it’s that sense of intuition ~ the energy of a moment felt that we succeed in capturing the moments again and again!

Did you know that you can ring the church bells right after tying the knot at Plymouth?

To create a stunning Bridal portrait of Catherine is so artfully done here ~ aside from a gorgeous Bride, the reflection of water as it had just rained signifying a new beginning for this newly wed couple! The romantic quality of the light emanating off of Plymouth Congregational ~ the afterglow in the night sky ~ it all makes for a romantic image!

Now the celebration is another source of high energy and none other than Junior’s Band to raise the level of celebratory frenzy that culminated in a “La Hora Loca”!

I have a feeling that this young miss really wanted this bouquet!

Special thanks to:

Plymouth Congregational Church of Coconut Grove

Comber Hall

Sylvia’s Weddings Of Distinction for the amazing food, flowers and decor!

Junior’s Entertainment Group for the amazing musical energy.

Priscilla Of Boston for an amazing dress!


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Tap into your energy source that surrounds you!

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