A Perfect 10 ~ Times 4!

Debra + Joey  |  Married

Photographed By Roy  |  Written By Roy

The Palms Hotel Miami Beach Wedding

10.10.10 @ 10AM! You’ll never forget your anniversary! With every year since the new century we have had some unique wedding dates ~ 01.01.01 ~ 07.07.07 ~ to name a few. It has been reported that over 39,000 couples were married this 10.10.10 date!

Do you remember that first kiss with the love of your life? It was probably spontaneous, tender and very meaningful ~ and you were floating on air for days! No one was around ~ but for the two of you it was pivotal! Now it’s your wedding day and no doubt there have been countless kisses, but on your wedding day it seals the deal! I love it that both their eyes are closed as they are about to  ~~~~

These images were taken during one of my favorite parts of  a wedding day ~ the first look ~ when months, weeks, days and then hours of excitement and anticipation reach a climax in the moment that you see each other as Husband and Wife!

Debra’s eyes express all the love hope and desire she has for Joey ~

A beach side ceremony ~ it was a cool morning, flat seas, barely a cloud in the sky ~ it was perfect!

A Few Details: Wedding Location: The Palms Hotel Miami Beach; Flowers: Ocean Florist; Cake: Elegant Temptations

Enjoy Debra + Joey’s inspiring slide show below by clicking on the play button!

I wonder how busy 11.11.11 and 12.12.12 will be? I have a hunch that it’s going to be pretty intense ~

If you are a fan of our photography you know we have had an amazing 2010 and next year is going to be fantastic ~ if you’re getting married in 2011 and have yet to find that perfect photographer ~ give us a call!

Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday!

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