What IF ~ You Could Do It All Over Again!

Yari + Renan  |  Happily Married

Photographed By Roy  |  Written By Roy

Four Seasons Hotel Miami

I know that all Brides love weddings! For months you’re consumed with creating the perfect experience for you and your Hubby ~ family and friends! Finally that day arrives ~ your Wedding Day! Breakfast with the girls ~ you’re the Princess as your every wish and desire is attended to by your amazing Bridesmaids, the make up artists, hair stylists and Mom! Before you know it you’re walking down the aisle to your soon to be Husband and Married! The hugs, kisses, tears and well wishes fly by you as the night flies by faster than the speed of light! And then the last dance is announced and it’s over ~ and you’re wondering ~ I was just getting ready a little while ago ~ just getting married ~ just having my first dance with my new husband ~ just cutting our wedding cake and that’s it! You don’t want it to end and you really wish you could stay in your dress a little longer ~ What IF you could get dressed all over again in your beautiful wedding gown, see your husband in his tux and be the Bride and Groom one more time? Well you can! And that’s exactly what Yari + Ren did!

You may recall Yari and Renan’s amazing wedding featured on our Blog recently ~ Well the day of the wedding was a flurry of excitement, anticipation and not enough time to create some amazing portraits of this lovely couple and so we recently got together at the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami where Mom delighted in styling her hair once more and the wonderful Jessie Sierra doing the make up!

Those of you that know me know that when it comes to my Brides ~ I am inspired by them! There is nothing more exciting for me than to emotionally invest myself in your day and then throughout the wedding day experience capturing countless moments that I know will bring joy, laughter and tears of excitement for years to come! But then to have a day to spend with a Bride and Groom and create beautiful portraits ~ no time constraints ~ no worries about getting the dress a little dirty ~ no wedding day stress ~ inspires me to inspire you!

So it was with Yari + Renan that we had carte blanche at the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel in Miami and then we took off for some dynamic locations in Miami. Before you know it this day too passed quickly but not before we created some amazing images!

Check out the slide show below for a delightful experience ~

Special thank you to Laure Hitzig of the Four Seasons Hotel Miami for providing Yari + Renan with an exquisite suite at the Four Seasons! To the Ladies at Chic Parisien for finding the perfect wedding gown by Rosa Clara for Yari ~ it was absolutely perfect!

“Ren and I (and my mom) would like to thank you and your team for an amazing session yesterday.  You have an unparalleled dedication and talent and everyone on your team obviously shares your passion.  We are so grateful for your having devoted so much of your time and energy to us.  We know the results will be amazing and are waiting on the edge of our seats.  Truly and wholeheartedly, thank you for the beautiful memories you have created for us. I wonder what our great great grandchildren will think?”

Yari~ Your great grandchildren are going to see passion, exuberance and see through my images a great love story…there is something deeply special about your relationship with Renan that is truly inspiring!

Getting married ~ let us capture your love story for you, you children , grandchildren  ~  even those great great grandchildren!

Inspire me ~

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  • Sarah Paz-Claro

    What I love about you, in addition to your ability to capture inspiring shots is your ability to make the bride feel so important. I was thrilled to have had you as my own wedding photographer. Through your lens I saw the expression of sheer bliss on my face. The way you captured Eddy gently touch his sister as we recessed out when he saw she made it after her c-section just 10 days b4 and a 2hr drive from Cape Coral. When I was a coordinator, I rested knowing I had yet another member on my team to look out and make sure the next girl had a dream day too. Eres unico Roy Llera.

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