Before You Kissed Me ~ Lori + Jacob

Lori + Jacob  |  Engaged

Written By Roy  |  Photographed By Roy

Temple Emanu-El Wedding

“Before you kissed me only winds of heaven

had kissed me, and the tenderness of rain—

Now you have come, how can I care for kisses

like theirs again?” ~ Sara Teasdale

Enjoy their engagement slide show below!

I have an amazing weekend with two incredible weddings ~ I am a very lucky guy!

To Life ~

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  • Pamela Larcada

    Thank you for making a very awesome occasion even more awesome! Your enthusiasm and professionalism made for an incredible afternoon and evening. I am so anxious to see the pictures and results I can hardly wait!!! You are “gifted” not only as a photographer, but as an artist who shares his gift on the most special occasions and your warm, caring heart shines through putting everyone at ease and making us all enjoy these memorable times more completely. Thanks and may our Lord bless you!!!

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