I Know that Every Bride Says this, but My Wedding was Perfect!

Maria + Miguel  |  Married

Written By Roy  |  Photographed By Roy

St Patrick Catholic Church Miami Beach  |   Four Seasons Hotel Miami Wedding

And perfect it was! If you’d come to me a week before Maria and Miguel’s wedding and shared with me that the Maria would be ready early and that this wedding day would be smooth as silk, I would have chuckled and said yea right! Being that this wedding was of Cuban persuasion on both sides, I even buffered in a little time. To my surprise, they were ready early!

As moments are non stop at any wedding I knew that there would be this one moment with Dad just before coming down the aisle. Maria shared with me her thoughts: “I always thought I would be a weeping mess coming down the isle, but I was so happy to be finally getting married to my love that I forgot all my worries and was super calm. Sometimes I think that God gave me peace because Miguel and I were meant to be. Miguel had this to say: “I was taken back by the sight of my wife coming down the isle. At that moment I thought of my future, of the happiness I feel when I am with her and of the many beautiful moments we would live together in our new life.”

I love this image of Father Jesus Alberto and speaks to me of the sanctity of the wedding ceremony.

Would you believe this image is taken in valet parking of the Four Seasons Hotel Miami!? An amazing hotel with so many beautiful locations to photograph a stunning Bride and Groom! Special thank you to Laure Hitzig of the Four Seasons and her outstanding team of professionals! It’s always a pleasure!

A toast to love.

Moments treasured; there was a time when Maria would be embraced by Daddy late at night soothing her as she fell asleep safe in his arms…moments that those of us parents know are fleeting and go by so fast.

A few details: Wedding Gown: ProNovias, Wedding Venue: St Patrick Catholic Church Miami Beach, Reception: Four Seasons Hotel Miami, Makeup & Hair: Alore Makeup Art, Flowers: Design By Yamir, Music: Ubi’s Music Productions

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“Roy,my pictures are amazing! You made everything run so smoothly and you were always there to help us and guide us when we looked to you for help. You were by far one of the best things that happened to our wedding.  We will always recommend you and you will see us again!”~Maria

I loved taking care of Maria + Miguel and I would love to take care of each of you on your wedding day! Give me a call and let’s start taking care of you too!


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