“The Most Nerve Wracking Thing A Man Can Do”

Kari + Jonathan  |  Engaged

Written By Roy  |  Photographed By Roy

Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale Wedding

Today’s proposal point of view comes from our Groom, Jonathan! I think this guy could be a writer because he tells a great story that piqued my interest from the very first line! I can imagine that Kari was also intrigued by his first words to her ~ Read on!

“Kari & I met the old fashion way….at a bar”~~”I was watching Kari from afar during the course of the evening. When she decided to leave, I mustered the courage to throw a line her way~ “Where are you going?”, I asked. “I have been waiting for you here all night.” Soon enough I realized – it wasn’t just that night I had been waiting for her…it was my entire life.”

“Proposing to a girl is perhaps the most nerve-wracking thing a man can do. Prior to ever getting down on one knee, there are avenues of emotion and joy that we all must navigate, roads that add meaning to the moments and which make those four words so special and timeless. For me, the trouble wasn’t nerves or anxiety; the trouble was confining these initial moments of bliss to focus on the task at hand – actually coming up with an idea that I knew would forever be remembered as the sweet beginning of our lives together.”

“After weeks of toiling with various ideas, I came up with something really simple, and if pulled off correctly, would result in what Kari deserved. This was the plan: hire an artist to draw “Will you marry me?” on the sidewalk outside of our apartment. Kari and I would head to brunch that morning and she would see it. As we all know, having a plan is one thing, executing it is another. I got the ring, I bought the chalk from an art store, I even convinced her to go to an early brunch (all who know Kari will certainly understand the enormity of this task).”

“What I didn’t anticipate was the artist not showing and the rain pouring on the sidewalk that Saturday morning. I remember thinking to myself “damn, I wish I had a Plan B”. Well, there was no Plan B. So, like any guy who was banking on this ridiculous plan would do, I got down on my hands and knees prior to Kari ever stepping outside, and wrote those words on the sidewalk myself. It was pretty funny actually. People would hold the umbrella for me while I tried to draw, and at one point, a dog came by and was about to handle his business on my masterpiece. Fettering off the rain, canines, and chalk stains turned out to be the hard part – looking into Kari’s eyes and asking her to marry me was really so simple.”

Enjoy this delightful engagement slide show by clicking the play button below!

So what is your love story? I’d love to hear about and translate that passion and affection in great photographs for all your forevers!

Kari and Jonathan will be “tying” the knot at the amazing Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale. To see a few weddings that we have photographed there click Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale Weddings


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