“See, I’d Make A Good Housewife”

Rebecca + Matthew  |  Engaged

Written + Photographed By Roy

Temple Emanu-El Miami Beach Wedding

Get the ring~check! Make reservations at the restaurant of first date~check! Visit future Mother-In-Law to ask for Rebecca’s hand in marriage~”Houston-We have a problem”

Life is often unpredictable and the plans that Matthew had for the day that he planned on proposing to Rebecca were quickly thrown out the window when on his way to see Mom, quickly realized that Mom was making chicken soup for Rebecca who was a little under the weather.

So what’s Matt to do~Improvise! He patiently waited till Mom got home to discuss his intentions~check! Now back home, Matt realizes that dinner plans are now canceled. Ohh–realize that Rebecca had no idea about the “plan”. After agreeing to take-out sushi~ Matt quietly paced the condo thinking how to propose. As dinner arrived, Rebecca prepared a beautiful spread on the coffee table and as Matt entered the room stated “see, I’d make a good housewife”.

Matthew saw his opening.

He took the box out of his briefcase and walked over. Becky didn’t pick up on what was going on.  Matthew sat on the floor, opened the box, and said “speaking of housewife, will you marry me?”

Becky froze like a scared cat for about 15 seconds and then realized that Matthew was proposing.  Matthew’s hand shook when he placed the ring on her finger.  After a few minutes Matthew had to remind Becky that she never actually said yes yet.  She said yes!

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