Starlight Starbright…

Vanessa + Alexander  |  Married

Photography by Roy + Ricardo  |  Written by Roy

Miami Beach Resort Wedding

Starlight, star bright, first Bride I see tonight…

I so enjoy the first look, that moment when our couples see each other for the first time. That moment as described by so many couples as exciting and yet very calming that finally you’re together. Vanessa’s expression really shows the feeling that she truly is in the arms of the love of her life.

This is a beautiful image of the wedding bands set upon the Ketubah. Aside from the most requested photographs that should be taken at a wedding, my team and I are always on the hunt for the smallest of details. If you are planning your wedding now, I’m sure that you are putting subtle touches in place – details that you will want to remember in photographs and that are essential to telling a complete love story.

One of the most dramatic moments in a wedding is when the bride makes her entrance. All eyes are on Vanessa as her parents, in accordance to Jewish tradition escort her down the aisle where Alexander is waiting. You can’t see it here, but the smile on his face told us all how much he loves his Vanessa.

From my vantage point just to the side of the Chuppah, I’m able to capture every loving glance – every special moment. These photographs combine with the “overall” images that Ricardo took to both compliment each other and tell a more complete story. We’ll be able to create a stunning album design with images like these.

I found this moment during the toast. The way they are looking at each other with joy and excitement is only part of why I love this image. If you’ve never been to the Starlight room in the Miami Beach Resort, it’s worth a visit at night. The ceiling is lighted with what has to be a million tiny lights and they reflect in all the surrounding windows of the room. It is stunning! Now look a bit closer – can you see the way that Vanessa’s hands have some movement? This little detail really reflects a joyous moment.

A Few Details: Venue: Miami Beach Resort and Spa; Floral: Decor Productions; Music: Music Machine

Enjoy their amazing slide show by clicking on the play button below:

Just after the wedding Vanessa dropped me a short note, “We loved having you on hand, you are such a pro, and helped make the night very special knowing we were in your trusted hands.”

Have an amazing weekend!

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    Every wedding by the RLP team rocks!

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